• Best Sewing Machines

    Not all sewing machines are created equal: some are suitable for beginners, others for experts. Also, there are models that cater for advanced sewing techniques. To find the best sewing machine for you, have a look at our reviews and make a list of your favorite brands and features. This way, you’ll invest in the perfect model and enjoy it for decades.

  • Sewing Machine Reviews

    This website lists some of the most popular and newsworthy sewing machines on the market and offers accurate reviews on their features and performance. Reviewed brands include Singer, Bernina, Janome and many others. Whether you want to buy a sewing machine for the first time or upgrade to a modern model, we’ll be your guide.

Janome DC4030 Sewing Machine Review

Written on . Posted in Janome

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or just want to do your own clothes adjustments without having to pay a seamstress, the Janome DC4030 Sewing Machine is an excellent investment. Since it was launched, the Japanese... Read→

Elna Grasshopper Review

Written on . Posted in Elna

The Grasshopper is Elna’s number one from more than one perspective. It was the very first sewing machine produced by the Swiss company and it had no name or number, but it was nicknamed the Grasshopper because of its... Read→

Bernina 1008 Sewing Machine review

Written on . Posted in Bernina

Should you be looking for the right sewing machine to do a bit of home chores, then the Bernina 1008 is exactly the kind of device you need. This is that classic, timeless, simple tool that will help you complete each... Read→

Janome DC2012 Review

Written on . Posted in Janome

All crafters and stay-at-home moms can appreciate a good sewing machine for the various little things they need to do around the house. Owning a sewing machine often becomes essential to complete those tasks that would... Read→

Bernina Aurora 440 QE Sewing Machine

Written on . Posted in Bernina

The Bernina Aurora 440 QE (Quilter’s Edition) is a classic sewing machine that enjoys a lot of popularity, especially advanced users who are also interested in quilting. When it came out, it gained instant recognition... Read→

Baby Lock Aventura sewing machine review

Written on . Posted in Babylock

If you should be looking for the ideal machine to do a bit of sewing and embroidery, then definitely consider Baby Lock Aventura embroidery and sewing machine. Having a few amazing features, this tool will certainly be... Read→

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